NFL Uniform Police

    Did you know that the NFL employs a band of former players to police and survey uniform compliance at every single game, in every single NFL stadium, on every single Sunday? I couldn't think of a more appropriate topic for our Fashion Football Fridays. A perfect melding of fashion statement and football intrigue.

    A constant thorn in the side of the top fashionistas in the game such as - OchocincoOchocinco, Clinton PortisClinton Portis, and Stevie JohnsonStevie Johnson - these NFL Uni policemen,  as we'll call them, patrol the sidelines earning a small stipend to ensure that every player, coach, manager, trainer on the field is wearing their workplace attire in the appropriate manner. 

    I actually think this would make for a fun day in a business enviornment. For example, everyone coming into your office today would have to have their pants hemmed at a certain length or else stiff fines would incur! And when we're talking stiff, NFL fines start at $5,000 and can cost upwards of $100,000 for uniform violations during the Super Bowl. Ok maybe this wouldn't be advisable for your workplace without altering the fine scale a little.

    If you're curious as to how strict the NFL Uni police are, even a career third string QB like myself received a verbal warning or two prior to exiting the locker room for my socks looking too stylish. I'm not gonna lie I had some fashionista in me - whether I still do is debatable. 

    The process of receiving the news that your uni style is not vibing with the mandated rules is quite interesting. There you are entering the lockeroom after pregame warm ups, totally focused on what you have to do that day to win, and the equipment manager is at the entrance of the locker room yelling "#25 your socks are too low", "#10 too much white showing", "#76 change your undershirt". Pretty unbelievable but it happens in every locker room in the league.

    If you're curious as to what can constitue a fine we've gone into more detail in the image below but major infractions include inappropriate sock and pant length, dark visors, and the wrong color tape on your shoes just to name a few. While the majority of players will adhere once warned, there are a small portion who simply don't care - all in the name of fashion. 

    Rooted in the fact that the fines payed for uniform violations go 100% directly to charities like the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund and the ALSO Nueromuscular Research Fund, players know that although paying a fine for looking sweet lightens their wallet it is going to a good cause - and we can all get behind that.

    The truth is both the NFL and players are in the right when it comes to this issue. The NFL is doing what it must to ensure the brand that is being put on the field is, in their estimation, exuding the image that it deems best while instilling conformity. From a players perspective no one has said it better than the top NFL Fashionista of all time:

"If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good." - Deion Sanders

   This illustration highlights a few of the uniform rules that players need to adhere to or else run the risk of getting slapped with that $5000 fine:

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    Solution: Place thin rubber bands on the outside of your shirt just at the top of your cuff. Your blazer will hide the rubber bands and your shirt cuff will look sweet without the need for a constant pull down. If you have to take your blazer off this trick wont really help you unless you you took it off to start the biggest rubber band slingshot war of all time.

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Gibran Hamdan
Gibran Hamdan


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